Welcome to Kyathi Climate Modification Consultants LLP (KCMC)


KCMC is an aviation technology firm that prides itself on importing aviation and weather modification technology into India, adapting it to suit Indian conditions.

KCMC is a company which is primarily committed to continue advances in the field of weather modification, either it is identifying the potential benefits of cloud seeding or monitoring air quality, we are dedicated to providing sound scientific atmospheric solutions.

We believe that core values of quality, reliability, and innovation provides the framework for our business, with our ever-changing climatic conditions, these values will continue to direct our team of scientists, meteorologists, electronics technicians, pilots, and maintenance engineers.



We intend to develop new techniques not only to produce artificial rain, which will guarantee monsoon clouds break into torrential rains.


Various studies have been conducted using aircrafts to study various properties of the clouds and the atmosphere


Our vision is to provide low-cost, state-of-the-art UAVs for military, science, and commercial applications. We strive to provide rapid product development services to domestic and international aerospace market.

Our Technical Partners


When there is a drought, people look to other sources of freshwater. Precipitation enhancement, also known as Cloud Seeding, artificially stimulates clouds to increase rainfall production. Cloud seeding is one form of weather modification performed all over the world in order to enhance rainfall.

Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune - an autonomous body under Government of India - is country’s premiere research Institute to generate scientific knowledge in the field of meteorology and atmospheric sciences that has potential application in various fields such as agriculture, economics, health, water resources, transportation, communications, etc. It functions as a national centre for basic and applied research in monsoon meteorology.

We provide specially modified Aircraft, Radars, scientific instruments and trained Pilots, Meteorologists, Scientists, Instrument Engineers, and other supporting personnel to execute “Cloud Seeding and Research” operations.

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